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Eyescape and Insight

Just fell over these creations while doing some sorting in my archive. Did them last January. My Youngest has awesome eyes, and he is getting a bit annoyed with me sometimes, I think, because I constantly am after him with my camera –  just because they are just really awesome eyes. Can’t help myself 🙂  Apart from turning the skin black and white, and putting the little figure in the iris, the eye itself was not photoshopped. This is how it really looks. Totally awesome! Love those eyes.



Badabim Badaboom, Fishing Rod Gone

The world LOVES taking photos. And with mobile phones and digital cameras it is easier than ever to snap away at whatever we see whenenver and wherever we see it. It is greatly liberating to be able to capture whatever we want to  just like that. And if the photo didn’t turn out too great we can just delete it at the end of the day. Awesome. But sometimes a photo doesn’t need to be deleted just because it is not quite perfect. Yes, digital retouching has such a bad reputation. But if used the right way and with respect it’s a kind of magic. And it doesn’t mean turning people into plastic. This is when this photo comes in. Taken on a beautiful day, capturing a relaxed, happy moment – if not for the darn fishing rod! I removed it with a lot of patience using all the usual tools in Photoshop, taking especially good care of the eye/nose/mouth area. A little punch in the colours and a crop and slight tilt completed this task. Now it does the special memories made on this beautiful day justice.


Beautiful Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie, NSW, Australia, is a truly beautiful place to live. There is no time in any day where I don’t see something I need to capture. The light and the water are constantly changing. This is a small selection of my photos. The one with the rainbow was taken with my iphone, after the dog and I got absolutely soaked … talk about constantly changing 🙂

Lake, Macquarie, Lake Macquarie, sunset, water, jetty, boats, rainbow, dingy

Subtle Tulips

It was one of those things: I was getting ready for a shoot and had my head full of the right things to say and do and there they were, in a vase, on a big glass table. Many times I am drawn to strong colours, I LOVE colours, and I love strong contrasts. But they were quietly whispering, so, after the shoot, I hung around a bit more and tried to capture these tulips. Frilly, fragile, colourless things, they are. The green is very subtle and the white is white but then again it’s more yellow. The light was bad and my zoom lens didn’t like it much. I didn’t have my tripod so it was quite frustrating to get the flowers in focus. Looking at the photos later on the computer, I was very unhappy, because many just didn’t turn out well at all. But some did, and they make me happy. Not quite me, but then again, I still saw them, quiet and colourless and frilly as they are, so there is something about them ….


Dad’s Precious

A lovely shot of a newborn in Dad’s arms. For Dad’s birthday this already special photo  was meant to be printed on canvas and hung in the living-room amongst several other photos that were all black and white. So this photo of Dad’s precious had to be turned black and white as well. I felt it was a bit busy in the background and I cleaned up some shadows and gave it a tighter crop. As the original had been scanned there were quite a few hairs and dust visible once I looked at it closely on the computer screen, so a bit of digital dusting went on as well. A couple of adjustment layers and voila: What a lovely gift for Dad!


On that note …

On that note ...

The motorbike in the restoration I have previously written about has caused quite a stir. Knowing nothing of motorbikes myself, I did some digging and I have found out that BIANCHI was founded in Italy in 1885. From 1900 till 1939 they produced cars and commercial vehicles under the name Autobianchi, but that business was sold to Fiat. From 1897 to 1967 they built motorbikes, and today Bianchi is consedered the world’s oldest bicycle-making company still in existence. There you go.



This was a restoration I did a while ago. This photo was taken in 1939 in the beautiful town of Gioia del Colle in the province of Bari, Apuglia, Italy, famous for its wine and mozzarella. The image was badly ripped and scratched and had a lot of red stains, which I’m hoping were wine stains 🙂 A lot of careful use of the Clone Stamp and Spot Healing Brush Tool was needed to give these young ladies some TLC.

Welcome to the World of Blog

Well, apparently there are more than 150 million blogs in existence worldwide. Now there is one more.