Weekends are bad for my health

Weekends are bad for my health. They are great for my spirits, but really bad for my health.

I am a daily cook and weekly baker, so food and taste and smells are very important in our house. My teenager now is very interested in cooking, too, which is really nice. He also actually tries new foods, how awesome is that. And the young one is still the absolute master when it comes to licking the bowl clean (his head is still small enough to fit in it completely ;).

Being Winter in Australia, and for once no danger of Total Fire Ban, it is also marshmallow time. So on weekends after some snags or steak on the barbie we do the open-fire-marshmallow thing with our own carved and fancily decorated bamboo sticks. Marshmallow are pure sugar, in case you didn’t know that. There are those new ones with berry or caramel swirls in them. They do taste great, like all things unhealthy. Big sigh. And of course it’s not only the marshmallows but also the mulled wine I make, that’s the German in me, gotta have my cold hands around that hot mug of goodness.

Life is good. Actually had to put the mug down quite a bit to get some photos.

From Monday to Friday I live on salads. Just saying.



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