To Print or Not To Print

That is the question that divides the photographic community even more than the answer to ‘if Nikon is from Mars, is Canon from Venus?’ or whether to give the client the photos of their photo shoot at all.

If you have a business you have to make decisions about your job work flow. Once the decision on how you ‘run things’ is made, you ‘run’ with it. But, nothing is ever set in stone, and one should never be afraid of changing things. After all, habits and opinions can change, and so can trends.

Trends come and go. You might not like some, personally, but the world really does not care about what you think, which is the hardest lesson to learn, I find.

For a business, in the end it comes down to the clients. If the majority of your clients are after something in particular, it would be foolish not to somehow find a way of embracing it, putting your own pride and vanity aside. We want to be professional, after all.

A wedding photographer probably won’t get away without providing prints and photo-books and canvas in their package. Because that’s what the clients expect to get.

For me: most clients of photo shoots want to get one or two prints to give to Mum or Pop or Aunty Kate for their birthday or for Christmas, maybe a nice acrylic print to hang in their own house, but prints on paper … hm… no, sorry, I think that ‘trend’ is all but gone, certainly for portrait photography.

What clients do want, and ask for all the time, is whether they can share the photos online. Emailing them to their brother on the other side of the world, sharing them with all their friends on Facebook.

This is the new trend. People share photos on social media, no matter what I personally may think of it. And having been a client of photo shoots myself, I could never wrap my head around why photos with my face on them are not mine to keep. Personal opinion here.

So my clients now receive the photos from their photo shoot both in a high resolution version for printing, and in a low resolution version with my logo on it, for easy online sharing. Best of both worlds, I hope.

And no, the thumb drive doesn’t just get delivered in a plain old envelope, but with a bit more style, box and ribbon and all.   🙂




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