To Kill an Elf

127. And then I stopped counting.

127 Christmas trees at the local shopping center.

And it is only November 27th.

There was this facebook post going around last week, that informed the reader of the fact that every Christmas tree being put up before December 1st will kill a Christmas elf.

The first born told us about it at dinner. The look of total shock and horror on the young one’s face!

For the record: we have never put up our big tree that early (I don’t even want to know how much dust it collects in four weeks!), but, knowing this monstrous truth, obviously, there is no WAY, we can even put up the teeny weeniest one for early Advent decoration now.

So, nothing that looks remotely like a Christmas tree, whether in a leafy or chocolaty or a plastic sort of way in our house till next Sunday. Save the elves!

Since I cannot show you the photo of a Christmas tree, I’m sending you some sparkle instead. We all can do with some sparkle at Christmas 🙂



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