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Who’s Ed Cal?

Every year towards the end of December a lot of notes tend to be everywhere around our house, with things to remember for the new year. It got a bit out of hand some years with so many notes, I lost track what was written where and got in trouble with my husband because of all this ‘paper stuff’. This year I was set on getting some order in this mess, so many of the post-its were saying things like ‘Ed Cal for Easter’ or ‘Ed Cal: to remember’ or ‘size for Ed Cal?’.

Only when the young one saw ‘Hang Ed Cal’ and asked me “Mum, who’s Ed Cal and why do you want to hang him?” I realized that my notes could get me a visit from DOCS if I’m not careful.

Ed Cal has worked for many, and is now my solution for the paper mess and he is a great help! Have you figured it out yet?

Ed Cal is my Editorial Calendar, which is now hanging in the office in shape of a cork board with lots and lots of post-its, papers with scribbles, notes, newspaper and magazine cut-outs, all pinned with fancy new pins on to a large 12 month preview of 2014.

Ed Cal may be fairly new for us but already has become a standard name in our family. He gets mentioned almost daily. When we saw something that could be a great idea for az pictured at the mall recently, the young one said very matter-of-factly to the shop assistant that we don’t need a bag, as ‘we pin this straight onto Ed Cal when we’re home’.

Thanks to Ed Cal the husband is happy, the mess is sorted, my brain feels wonderfully light and prepared, only poor Ed Cal is putting on quite a bit of weight.

I like having him in the office with me, he is the quietest, cleanest co-worker I’ve ever had. If only he could give me a hand with the stubborn printer or bring me a coffee every once in a while.

But I guess I’m getting way ahead of myself here 😉



Bride & Groom 2

One more time the same couple. This photo also had been displayed in a frame for a long time. Apart from the discolouration due to exposure to direct sunlight, the glass panel of the frame must have not been smooth but had a bumpy sort of pattern, because this bumpy sort of pattern got imprinted onto the photo as well. Big sigh!

The pattern gave me real grief! To get rid of that and fix up the colours I worked separately on everything: faces, flowers, dress, suit, background. Quite time consuming, and there are things that just cannot be rushed!

After a lot of TLC this is the result.

Please remember to use not your precious original photos for display! Keep them in a safe place and use a copy only.        



Bride & Groom


This 40 year old wedding photo had spent considerable time in a frame. The part of the photo that was exposed to light turned slightly yellow. The part that was hidden under the frame kept its original colours much better. You can see the change in colour best on the grooms arm.

A very good photo, I might add. Perfect lighting, whoever the photographer was, this was a job very well done.

As the original came to me already scanned, as usual there was a lot of dust, especially visible on the grooms blue suit. By now you’ll know that I’m good at dusting in Photoshop 😉

To fix the colours was quite a bit of work, as the skin hues of the bride and the groom are naturally very different. I had to work on them separately and it took some tweaking till I was happy.Now it’s all brought back to its former glory. I hope the original stays safely in an album this time, and only a copy is being displayed.


Awesome Blog Content Award

I have been awarded the Awesome Blog Content Award. Yay 🙂  I am totally thrilled and honoured and humbled by that.

Thank you to the wonderful Gwendoline, for being so very supportive and kind. If you want to read a truly gorgeous blog, check out the Reluctant Retiree

To accept the award, the awardee has to do the following:

  1. Display the award on their blog.
  2. Announce the win with a post and thank the blogger who awarded them.
  3. Present 8 deserving bloggers with the award.
  4. Leave a link to these blogs and let them know in a post that they are an awardee.
  5. Write a word or phrase about themselves for each letter of the alphabet.

There are very many great blogs, and each Blogger has his or her agenda, as to why they blog, be it just for fun, for the love of writing or the love or sharing their thoughts or photos or artwork. For me, it is both an enjoyable experience as well as a necessity. The blog gives me an opportunity to explain in more detail what I do, my thoughts behind my work. And online presence is the thing to have, the marketing gurus say. But for a one-woman-business, it is also a bit like doing the splits between fun and work, and there are only so many hours in a day. Some blogs I would have liked to nominate, don’t accept awards at all or not any more. It is a time consuming thing to receive an award, that I have discovered. However, awards are rare in my life, mostly I am content with hugs from my children, a cake decoration that turned out well and a happy customer. That is why I very gladly accepted this award 🙂

My Awardees are as follows (and it was hard cutting down to eight, I did toss a coin a couple of times, apologies if you expected to be in this list and are not):

This young woman is trying to point out the art in everything in our daily lives, through her photography:

Angelina’s very sophisticated blog at . We share a love for dark chocolate, foot massage and photography. Angelina challenges herself to discover new perspectives through her photos and her writing. : G’Nat has a kitchen window vegetable garden, something I’d love to have someday. He has concluded that life is what he makes it, which is very wise and positive and something I believe in also. : The blog of Laurianne, who loves travel, reading and food. Her travel descriptions always include descriptions of what she ate, something I can very much relate to, as for many trips, I remember the food more than anything else.

Susan, who invites the reader to grab a cup of coffee and stay for a while, which I do, looking at her beautiful photography and reflecting on the words that accompany them. :  Not many places in the US are on my bucket list, Montana is one of them. Love these photos, gorgeous landscape.

Baz, an Aussie bloke, very outdoorsy person, which I am not. So I enjoy seeing faces and places of Oz that I don’t necessarily will ever get to. great blog about food with lots of colours. Always get hungry when reading this blog.


OK, and here comes the alphabet:

A  astute to the point of painful, as I am not necessarily a diplomate 😉

B black, my favorite colour to wear

C camera, obviously

D doodle, I doodle, especially during phone calls

E essence, my husband says I am good at getting the essence of a book, movie, article, probably ties in with A

F foot rubs, love them

G I am a glass half-full kind of person

H humor, apparently it is wicked

I impossible to beat in an argument, said the kids and the hubby, hmmmm….

J jump, it feels like I’m jumping through hoops some days to get everything done

K kitchen, a place a like

L laughing – we do laugh a lot

M Mum – best job ever

N nice – the one word I don’t want in my epitaph

O optimist, ties in with G

P photography

Q questions – I do question things, a bit of a rebel in me

R restorations – my great passion

S soul mate – my husband

T travel – more in the past, not so much since the kids, but the time will come again, no doubt

U utilitarian – everything has its use

V victory – apparently you get champagne 😉

W walking – I like long walks

X xtraordinary, what else?

Y yolo – going with the times here 😉

Z zoom – love my zoom lens