Monthly Archives: February 2014

Lens Cap Chronicle

With great excitement I can announce that the first ever issue of the Lens Cap Chronicle, az pictured’s very own e-newsletter, has been a big success!

Another big hurdle taken. Who knew there’s so much to be learnt, getting an online newsletter organized? From all the technical issues to the legal ones, to setting up detailed planning for a whole year in advance to writing the articles and preparing the accompanying photos: the things a woman can do 😉

So, if you’re interested in the latest and greatest of az pictured, special promotions and hopefully useful and interesting background information, you might want to sign up to receiving the bi-monthly publications of the Lens Cap Chronicle. Next issue will be out in April.

To sign up please contact me via my website or sign up on my facebook page.

Now that that is all done and on its way for the year, I can go back to taking photos, yay.   😀