Photography Bucket List

Bucket lists are fun to read. If it’s other people’s bucket lists that is. While they are important for many to outline their goals or dreams or wishes in life, I find it hard to write one for myself.

Mostly I know the things I don’t want to do, either because I have done or tried them already or because they just don’t appeal to me at all. And I don’t like to write down things which come down to fate, for example celebrating 50 years of marriage. I am not normally known to be superstitious, but maybe in that regard I am a little bit.

So any list containing only things I don’t want to do could only be called an ‘Anti-Bucket List’ which sounds terrible, and I won’t write this one down.

But recently I realized that I do have a proper Bucket List when it comes to photography. Because there are a number of faces, places or things that I would love to point my camera at. It’s not a huge list, and a number of points are unlikely and even impossible to ever come true, but there you go, just for fun (one can always dream):

Photography Bucket List – in no particular order:

  • Carnival in Venice
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Times Square in New York at New Years Eve
  • Montana
  • Icebergs
  • Polar Bears
  • the Ghan
  • Oktoberfest in Munich at night, with a security detail to keep me and my tripod safe in the crowds
  • Nordic lights
  • Richard Armitage dressed up as Thorin, in my studio
  • Sean Connery from 20 years ago, in my studio
  • Kate Blanchett with the Oscar and the dress she wore that night, in my studio
  • Inside the Ferrari Factory in Italy
  • harvest time in the Champagne, France
  • the Chelsea Flower Show
  • Mount Fuji
  • tiger cubs
  • a butterfly farm
  • spending a day with a glass-blower, watching them work
  • spending a day with a wood-carver, watching them work
  • Meryl Streep as she is in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, in my studio
  • inside a LEGO factory
  • Musee D’Orsay in Paris, without people but a crew schlepping my gear for me
  • spending a day with a bookmaker, watching them work
  • inside Versailles, with no people there
  • Grafton, Australia, when the trees are in bloom
  • The city of Kingston as portrayed in ‘Assassins Creed – The Black Flag’
  • the Oresund Bridge, which connects Denmark with Sweden
  • Venice in Winter, foggy, gloomy, Black & White
  • the inside of the original Orient Express
  • the young Grace Kelly in my studio, I still think she was the most beautiful woman that ever lived
  • Douglas Fairbanks jr, as he was in that old movie ‘Sinbad’, this was my first crush, very many years ago 😉



8 responses to “Photography Bucket List

  • Garrulous Gwendoline

    That’s a very interesting list. I have been thinking about where we might go in France for two weeks in early October, so I checked out Champagne area (on your behalf). But we will be a couple of weeks late for the main harvest 🙂

    • azpictured

      So nice of you to consider the Champagne on my behalf 🙂 I have been there before around Easter, which is spring in Europe, it was cold and bare and not a green twig in sight. I did always regret not seeing the beautiful landscape with all the reds and yellows of autumn 🙂

  • angelinahue

    It would be interesting to spend a few days observing artisans at work. I would like to visit Venice in winter – I’ve been told that the atmosphere of the city is completely different from what you would see in the warmer months. A little mysterious, dark…

    • azpictured

      Thanks Angelina, most artisan work is a solitary work I think, I wouldn’t mind just being there watching, I don’t need to be entertained and can sit perfectly still in total silence for a long time, just taking photos. And Venice – I have been there in summer a lot, but never in Winter, which I do truly regret, now it is a very long trip away 😦 Maybe you’re lucky to go there, you’ll have to take some photos for me then please!

      • angelinahue

        It would be a privilege to observe and photograph some of these people at work. Even better if I could communicate with them to understand more about their craft.

        I was in Venice in early March and there were more people than I expected. Summer in Venice must be crazy with the immense crowds!

      • azpictured

        Venice in summer is madness, but we usually were sort of nearby and as it so happened most years we took friends who hadn’t seen it before. All cities in Europe are madness in summer anyway, so there is no escape in that regard. It is not too bad if you can totally submerge yourself in tourist frenzy one day and have it nice and quiet the next 🙂

      • angelinahue

        As long as you can get out of the frenzy every now and then. One thing that struck me when I was in Venice is how most visitors kept to certain parts of the island, so if you venture a little further, you would be in residential neighbourhoods which are much more tranquil 🙂

      • azpictured

        Indeed. And that is well true for most other places that have to cope with so many tourists.

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