The Best Job in the World

“It does not take much strength to do things, but it requires a great deal of strength to decide what to do.” Elbert Hubbard

Living the dream of turning a passion into a business sounds like the best decision in the world. But amidst the daily grind of office work & bookkeeping the passion can sometimes get buried under paperwork. Literally.

When that happens it’s high time to take a step back and remind yourself why you started on this ‘business journey’ in the first place.

I find that the best way to rekindle some of the fire within is to embark on a personal project.

For me it usually involves photos. Go figure 😉

But then of course, being a creative person, it’s never as easy as this. Because I have so many ideas that it’s actually hard to decide on just one. I confess there are quite a few projects hanging around in my head, some got started, some are still in the planning phase. Deciding on which one to do and sticking with it till the end is really hard. But every now and then I actually do finish one! Proud moment, sweet success!

This photo shows a project I did a few years back, where I scanned lots of photos of myself and my husband from the years before kids -yes, they did exist, the kids were amazed 😉 – and had them printed on this 30×50″ canvas.

It hangs in the hallway and is a constant talking point. Lots of memories, lots of love. It keeps reminding me why I decided to make my passion my business and that I do have the best job in the world.





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