Panorama Portrait

A studio is a great luxury. No worries about the weather, about mozzies and if an idea pops in my head I can walk right down and see if it works.

Unfortunately many of my ideas tend to be too big for my studio. You see, my studio is very small. Tiny. In fact teeny.

Portrait shoots are in high demand. Even though almost everyone has access to a digital camera of some sort, most realize fairly quickly that the family snap shot and the professional portrait are at home in two very different worlds.

I do offer several types of portrait shoots, but the Mini is a studio-only shoot, and it is very popular. Reasons being, as mentioned above, no worries about the weather, the mozzies, and many times Mothers seem to think that because it is a confined space it will keep their kids better in check. However, my teeny tiny studio is not coping with the requests any more. Even though I have a limit on numbers of people on my website, it seems to get overlooked and every other week I do get the request to have four or five kids in the shoot. I am sometimes tempted to make an exception (how much harder can it be to fit in one more child?) but in the end I know that making that compromise would also mean making a compromise in regards to the quality of photos that I can achieve in this small space – and I am not willing to do that.

This has disappointed some callers, for which I am sorry. Up to recently, for up to 10 people (plus pets) you would have to book my Regular Shoot, and we would meet at an outdoor location.

It bugged me a lot that I couldn’t help out clients who specifically wanted all the convenience of a studio-shoot for a larger family group. After much thinking and mulling over and trialling, az pictured is introducing tadaaa

The Panorama Portrait Shoot. It is perfect for 6-8 family members, depending on age maybe even 10. The quality photo print comes with backing and matted at a size of 12 1/2 inch x 24 inch.

It has been very well received, yay 🙂




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