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Dog Silhouettes

Up until a few years ago I never actually owned a dog. I was a dog walker of sorts as a teenager to earn some money, and I temporarily fostered dogs of friends when they were away. Any of those dog were ill behaved, dreadfully spoiled and not trained at all.

Our boys did beg for years for us to have a dog. We do live on a fairly largish block of land, so no excuses not to have a dog, really. We didn’t have a fence for a long time, and that was our sentence: ‘We can’t get a dog until the landscaping is done and the fence is up.’ Well, one day the landscaping was done and the fence up, and we had no excuse any more.

We got a twelve week old puppy through one of the local dog rescue places. It was a bit of a journey to get used to her, and for her to get used to our weird family, but now it’s all just bliss. Naturally I wouldn’t have an ill behaved dog, so we went to puppy school and all that, and I’m still going to dog obedience once a week. It’s more like dog playgroup really, it’s lovely and social, and I feel bad when I don’t go because it rains or because I have to work and her sad, reproachful eyes follow me around all day ….

Anyway, through this dog playgroup I met a lot of dogs and as my mind just doesn’t stop seeing, eventually, the series of Dog Silhouettes was born.

This is the transformation from the original photo:

Dog1 Dog2

Dog3 Dog Silhouette on green background with inspirational text/quote

You might remember Puppy Stella, this was the original:


It turned into this:

Dog Silhouette on yellow background with inspirational text

The first Dog Silhouettes are now available through my Made It Store.  🙂


Size Matters

1950s? photo, tram in street setting, male figure in foreground

At first you wouldn’t know how tiny it is.

Only the comparison to my camera lens cap reveals it. Why did they make photos so small in the olden days. A logic explanation would be: small paper, less cost for paper, less cost for development, less time …. I tried to find out the facts about this, but I couldn’t get a lead. If you happen to know please fill me in 🙂


These tiny photos pose various problems:

One, they are small to scan, small to work on and small to fix, plus there is a danger of loss of detail if I make them larger.

Two, apart from the obvious rips and scratches, it’s very hard to see any damage with the naked eye. The tilting-test shows fingerprints and odd marks but any other damage can only be seen once the photo is in my computer and I can zoom in on it.

Third, apart from the odd outcome when I get the restorated photo printed in the normal sizes of today, these ‘odd’ sizes don’t fit properly into any slip-in albums we can purchase today either, most slip-in pockets are 4×6″, so poor little photos like these fall about and only stay put if its diligent owner attaches it to a 4×6″ piece of scrap-booking paper.

Anyway, there was not much damage in this photo from the 1950s, at least not visible to the naked eye. I fixed some specks and scratches and the fingerprints, then I lightened the shadows just a bit, made the gentleman’s black pants, black trimmings on his jacket and his cap a bit darker, so they stand out, sharpened it all slightly and voila …. 🙂

Before-After Comparison of digital restoration

Hidden Quality

Extremely thick coasters or maybe paper weights.

That’s generally what people think when they visit my stall at markets or come to my studio and see the acrylic photo blocks for the first time.

Goes to show that acrylic blocks are still fairly new in Australia. Not many people are familiar with them.

Which is good in two ways:

One, it makes me feel like a bit of a trendsetter, and two, it creates an instant talking point, makes for some laughs and gives me a chance to hand out my card.

I do really love the acrylic blocks, they come in many sizes, but my favourites are the 5×7″ and the cute little 10x10cm. I know, different measurements, keeps me up with my measurement conversions, let me tell you 🙂

Whether with my images, whether with inspirational quotes, or with your images: they are the most stylish and newest way to present any image with a frameless floating like effect.

This Christmas many clients will be the trendsetters amongst their friends and families, having ordered a wide variety of images and family photos on their own special stylish acrylic photo block.

Wish I could be there will all of them when presents get unwrapped on Christmas morning 🙂


Four Paws in Moving Pictures

After a lot of thinking and planning the request of a dog owner came to life with this video.

Meet Sky, a very smart and well-trained Border Collie. She is the star of az pictured’s very first You Tube video!

It was a lovely experience planning the shoot, taking the photos on a beautiful mild spring morning and making this video. Lots of new skills were acquired, tried and tested.

What do you think?


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