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About Christmas

“The approach of Christmas brings harassment and dread to many excellent people,” writes Mark Twain in ‘Following the Equator’,  “They have to buy a cart-load of presents, and they never know what to buy to hit the various tastes; they put in three weeks of hard and anxious work, and when Christmas morning comes they are so dissatisfied with the result, and so disappointed that they want to sit down and cry. Then they give thanks that Christmas comes but once a year.”

Times have changed a bit since he wrote this non-fiction travelogue in 1897, but – as with a great deal of other things – his observation is largely as spot-on today as it was in his time.

Mind you, I wonder what he would say about online shopping and last-minute craze on December, 24th, about the exchange frenzy in shops straight after Christmas and the Boxing Day Sales. Very few people bother writing cards or letters at Christmas any more. Even less seem to do any baking or special cooking preparations that needs to take place weeks and days before. So I do really wonder why we seem to have less time and more chaos than ever before in the weeks leading up to this one day of the year.

Well, I am generally a organized person, and with our families and many friends largely on the other side of the world I don’t have a choice but being done with presents relatively early, so they can go on their postal trip around the globe. Our family Christmas card is usually done early in October, for the same reason. Being summer in Australia, and us only a small family, there is not much going on with endless hours in the kitchen, and large dinners and Christmas Day lunches, so I’m off the hook for that, too.

Yet, the last two weeks leading up to Christmas seem to go a bit more mad every year. I have odd relapses in my organization, I seem to forget a lot, run around a lot, am a little breathless and frantic.

Nevertheless, I didn’t sit down on Christmas morning and cry, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

And the last week was spent in calm and happiness with lots of laughter and love. I hope your Christmas was spent the same way, don’t forget to laugh a lot, especially about yourself 🙂



Merry Christmas and Snap On

I do like Advent. It’s a nice way to count down the days to Christmas and build up the excitement. The chocolate calendars are in the fridge, and we have another Advent calendar with little stockings, which magically gets filled every year with little toys and trinkets  🙂

This year I also wanted to make a visual Advent calendar. One photo for each day. It was so much fun planning, brainstorming with the kids, organizing the props and then getting all the shots done.

Well, the chocolate calendars and little stockings are now empty. It has been another wonderful Advent.

Sharing with you all the photos that accompanied us the past 24 days, and wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year. Snap on and make lots of great visual memories these holidays  🙂









To Kill an Elf

127. And then I stopped counting.

127 Christmas trees at the local shopping center.

And it is only November 27th.

There was this facebook post going around last week, that informed the reader of the fact that every Christmas tree being put up before December 1st will kill a Christmas elf.

The first born told us about it at dinner. The look of total shock and horror on the young one’s face!

For the record: we have never put up our big tree that early (I don’t even want to know how much dust it collects in four weeks!), but, knowing this monstrous truth, obviously, there is no WAY, we can even put up the teeny weeniest one for early Advent decoration now.

So, nothing that looks remotely like a Christmas tree, whether in a leafy or chocolaty or a plastic sort of way in our house till next Sunday. Save the elves!

Since I cannot show you the photo of a Christmas tree, I’m sending you some sparkle instead. We all can do with some sparkle at Christmas 🙂