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A little Daisy Love

Daisies are my favourite flowers. They are cheerful and exuberant. They are one of the few things I can grow without ever having a problem with it, unless if it’s very hot and I don’t water enough. No pests, no diseases, the dog doesn’t eat them either. Win all around.

Daisies belong to the Asteraceae or Compositae, which is an extraordinary large and widespread family of flowering plants with currently 32.913 accepted species names in 1911 genera lists and about 13 subfamilies. Quite the family tree, really.

Like in any family there are some black sheep. The Dandelion, for example, much loved by many, has become a significant weed in some parts of Northern America.

Daisies grow almost anywhere in the world in one form or another. They are mainly herbaceous plants (plants without a woody stem above ground) but they can also be shrubs and trees and climbers.

The daisy also has some fancy family members, which includes food crops, like the lettuce, chicory, globe artichoke, sunflower, amongst others. The cut flower industry enjoys Chrysanthemums, Gerberas, Dahlias, Tagetes and Zinnia. The Chamomile is a family member, also, and the Echinacea. As well as Calendula, Tarragon or Marigold.

And the whole family is good for bees, because of the abundance of pollen. Not so good for humans with hey fever. But hey, can’t have everything, right.

So I paid homage to my little daisy love with this creation of Daisy Love. I actually had some people be astounded by the fact that this grew in my garden, which of course it didn’t, but in Photoshop. Although I’m flattered because if it looks that realistic then I must have done well.







Botanical Weakness


This is my weakness: I don’t have a green thumb. Some things grow better than others, some are a lost cause right from the start.

If plants die, it may be of lack of something, but it’s not of lack of me trying, that’s for sure. Apart from guidance from the local nursery and botanical books, I use words. My family laughs at me, because I talk to my plants. I encourage them, I praise them and I threaten them, too.

Now, there are some plants, that just don’t ‘get’ me. One could probably say that we just don’t speak the same language 😉  Roses, for example: tried many times, failed every time. In the veggie patch, carrots always fail, even though they are apparently sooooo easy to grow. And I confess, I have killed a number of cacti.

Cucumbers on the other hand grow like weeds, so does my parsley and my chives. The ponytail grows faster than any at the nursery, it seems, and the fountain grass can hide our complete family plus camper van (which we don’t have).

But the best of all is the Agapanthus: love them, love them, love them. They grow beautifully. Seem to survive on the smallest amount of water and fertilizer and thrive on the most amount of words.

And, I swear, they like having their photos taken. This is a snippet of the photographic result over several days.

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