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Not Top 10

According to the Australian Geographic, the Bernese Mountain Dog is not in the Top 10 of Australia’s Most Popular Dogs. And it’s not in the Top 10 of the Most Intelligent Breeds of Dog, according to the University of British Columbia anyway.

If you live in Australia, you may be forgiven if you’ve never even seen a real Bernese Mountain Dog, they are quite unusual down under.

However, there are few at the local dog club, and they tend to draw everyone’s attention at the Christmas party, when they are dressed up and pull a little cart, especially built for the occasion, to help Santa, tinsel and all. Quite adorable.

Even though I am from Europe and have spent considerable time in the Alps, I have not seen too many of these dogs either, but I have met Suzie, who was my model the other day for a colour splash dog silhouette. She is really only a puppy and therefore looks quite slender.

Bernese Mountain Dogs should be ‘good-natured, self-assured, placid toward strangers and docile‘, all of which Suzie is. Desirable traits for any dog regardless of breed, but even more so for a dog that can reach up to 50kg and more of weight.

If you want to read more about the Bernese Mountain Dog and its history, have a look here.

In the meanwhile enjoy Miss Suzie’s silhouette in hues of blue and purple, with red and yellow splashes xx





Puppy Love

A friend got a puppy.

Everybody in their household was buzzing with excitement. When I first saw it, it was a curly haired furry little sleeping heap. Guess what my first question was? You’re saying ‘Can I take photos of your puppy’? – You’re exactly right. 🙂

I must have given them a bit of a fright when they opened the door on the day and they saw me buckling under my gear: camera bag, tripod, portable backgrounds, two boxes of blankets and props …

Lucky I didn’t get the door slammed in my face and was still allowed to come in.

The puppy of course – four days older then when I first met it – was wide awake and full of beans.

Three hours later, a lot of coaxing, bribing, a little nap and lots of cuddles, this is a snippet of the result.

Who doesn’t love a puppy?

IMG_0362xBlog IMG_0353xBlog IMG_0300xBlog IMG_0158xBlog